Strength in Numbers:

Help us make housing more affordable in San Mateo County

The Housing Leadership Council of San Mateo County is a membership organization supported by member contributions, operating grants, program grants, and fees for service.  Our members include social service organizations, not-for-profit and market-rate housing developers, labor unions, major employers, small businesses, public agencies, and individuals from across San Mateo County who are affected by or concerned about the lack of homes at all affordability levels in in San Mateo County.

HLC members are eligible to participate in HLC-sponsored events like Housing Leadership Day and Affordable Housing Week, to help guide our efforts through participation in various committees and our Board, and in many cases to advertise their own initiatives, developments and events through our website and and other channels. By joining HLC, you'll be demonstrating your concern for San Mateo County's continuing housing crisis, and your commitment to viable solutions to it. Before joining HLC, you may wish to review our policy platform.

HLC member dues are scaled to organization size, but all dues-paying members have an equal voice in our efforts, regardless of their level of financial support. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding membership pricing. We'd be happy to answer them.

Membership Dues:

Our current dues schedule is as follows:


Regular:  $45

Individuals of Modest Income:  $15

Nonprofit or Public Agency:

1-5 employees: $60

6-20 employees:  $100

21-99 employees:  $150

100 employees+:  $600

Legislative: $75

Small Business:

1-5 employees:  $100

6-20 employees:  $150

21-99 employees:  $250

Corporate: $1,500 (100 or more employees)


Join or Renew Your Membership By Mail:

If you'd prefer you are also welcome to print this membership reply form and send us a check.