Housing, especially affordable housing, is a complex issue. Here you will find a wealth of information on all aspects related to the issue.

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CHSN Housing Outcomes

Countywide Housing Solutions Network (CHSN)

In late 2006, the San Mateo County Department of Housing initiated the Countywide Housing Solutions Network (CHSN), a collaborative effort to improve alignment among a host of complementary activities and initiatives being undertaken by a wide array of public and private organizations. To improve alignment, communication, and achieve desired outcomes, the Countywide Housing Solutions Network is collaborating with complimentary housing activities and initiatives addressing the housing situation in San Mateo County.

CHSN Sponsored Publications:


Plan Bay Area:  Our Community's Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS)

In 2008, the California Legislature passed SB 375, the Sustainable Communities and Climate Protection Act, which effectively melded regional and local transportation and housing strategies across the state.  Each region across California is expected to create their own Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS).  In the 9 counties that comprise the Bay Area, this is known as the Plan Bay Area.  With the ultimate goal of reducing the Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) of commuters to reduce overall green house gas (GHG) production, the goal is to create plans that emphasize housing and downtown connectivity to public transportation and more walkable neighborhoods.  Cities and counties across the Bay Area are creating plans now to help meet these goals and ultimately accommodate the growth that is projected here for years to come.  Learn more about Plan Bay Area here.  Here are the performance targets for the latest round of the SCS.


21 Elements

21 Elements is part of the larger Countywide Housing Element Update collaboration project. It serves as the central location for communication and coordination among interested parties in all twenty-one San Mateo County jurisdictions now updating their housing element to meet the most recent State deadline. 21 Elements provides opportunities for municipalities to share resources, successful strategies and best practices, and will result in stronger local partnerships as well as higher quality certified Housing Elements. Co-sponsored and coordinated by the San Mateo County Department of Housing and City/County Association of Governments, this collaborative effort brings together our twenty one unique communities to better meet our common needs to accommodate our growing and changing populations, while ensuring and enhancing the qualities that make our communities livable and unique.


Myths and Facts about Affordable Housing

The facts of California's recent experiences with high-density and affordable housing often contradict the myths. We can now begin to rely on this recent experience to reassure concerned residents that the myths don't have to come true. From the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG)


What is Affordable Housing in San Mateo County?

A fact sheet on what "affordable" really means in the county.


Find Housing

While Housing Leadership Council is not a housing provider, we work to increase available affordable housing and make accessing that housing as easy as possible. Here you will find resources for locating the right kind of housing for you.