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Housing Leadership Council of San Mateo County works with communities and their leaders to produce and preserve quality affordable homes.

HLC Workshop: July 15th

Filling the Affordable Housing Gap: Development Impact Fee Workshop

Jobs Housing Balance picturesComing to a city near you!  In a unique effort, cities in San Mateo County have pursued a "Grand Nexus Study" which lowers the cost and vastly accellerates the ability of jurisdictions to respond to our growing need for affordable housing in the face of rapid market rate growth.

This special workshop will include presentations by a panel of local experts.

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Make Your Community More Affordable

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San Mateo County is a great place to live, but the cost of renting or owning a home is out of reach for many. To maintain our high quality of life, we need to provide opportunities for people of all incomes to prosper. Each jurisdiction in San Mateo County is currently updating housing plans for the next eight years. Work with HLC and our partners as we advocate for robust and inclusive policies in Housing Element Plans to create housing opportunities for all.

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